EdFringe dates, deadlines and links to help get your show ready for the festival as part of our festival design blog series. If you need help getting your show print ready, drop us a message at ChumChiDesigns@gmail.com.

Edinburgh Fringe Dates - Friday 2nd - Monday 26th Aug 2019

Main Programme Deadlines
When you register your show you will need a small image - a small square roughly 100px x 100px. The most successful entries will have artwork in the programme which matches their finished design. 
Wednesday 13th March, 5pm  - Programme "Early Bird Discount" Deadline (£295)
Get your fringe show booked in before this date for a £100 discount on the full price. 
Wednesday 10th April, 5pm - Final Programme Deadline (£393)
Final chance for getting in the official programme through Edfringe.
It is worth noting that some venues submit using a different system, and may have slightly different dates than advertised.  

General Print Deadlines
In general, you should give 7-10 days for a print turnaround and delivery, often depending on where you order from, and how much demand there is at the time. Therefore a realistic final fringe print deadline would be 22nd/23rd July
Of course, the more prepared you are the better - this deadline gives no room for re-ordering print for typos or print errors. The Fringe's own guide suggests you get your shows's marketing materials designed and printed in April. Each shows timetable will differ, but April and May are an excellent time to get your marketing done - especially to get images out online and get those pre-sales in.

Edinburgh Festival Programme Advertising Deadlines
Discount deadline: Wednesday 13 February (5pm) 
Standard deadline: Tuesday 16 April (5pm) 
Artwork deadline: Tuesday 23 April (5pm)
Official Fringe Programme Advertising Rate card and Design Specifications for 2019.
2019 Venue Logos
Fringe 2019 Logos can be found on the Official Edinburgh Festival Website.
Underbelly Logos are available to download here.
Underbelly house font is called "Dax". Their main purple is - #64008C for Web (or RGB R100, G0, B140) and for print is C76, M100, Y6, 3K (CMYK) or PANTONE 2597 C
Just The Tonic print media and maps are available here.
PBH Free Fringe - Needs to be on both sides of flyers and on all posters.
Download the PBH Free Fringe 2019 Logo here.
Laughing Horse/Free Festival - They have not updated yet, but will be here. Download the Free Festival logo here.
Heroes of Fringe - They have not updated yet.
Scottish Comedy Festival - You can find the relevant logos here.
Monkey Barrel Comedy Club haven't publicly listed their fringe logos.  

Other Advertising
Out Of Hand
Edinburgh based print distribution company responsible for outdoor advertising and venue distributed "Fringe packs"
Outdoor Advertising: They are selling their first batch at 12 noon on Monday 29th April, with a second batch for sale later in the year. Link here.
Fringe Packs: Week 1 - 29th July | Week 2 - 5th August 2019 | Week 3 - 12th August 2019
ThreeWeeks - Advertising Rate Card
Fest/The Skinny - Fest Advertising Rate Card - Deadlines Preview - 18 Jul | Issue 1 - 3 Aug | Issue 2 - 6 Aug | Issue 3 - 10 Aug | Issue 4 - 13 Aug | Issue 5 - 17 Aug 
The Wee Review - will have print and web advertising, with details available on the Wee Review advertising page
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