Graphic Design for mixed-bill comedy shows can be difficult.

You need to look professional, create a brand that stands out from the rest, but still look just generic enough that you don't distract the theme of the night from the acts you have - because invited guests have their own comic style that you don't want to overshadow. 
If nothing else, you need to look like you know what you're doing.
At ChumChi Designs we can work with your brand to produce posters and even templates that can be changed easily, as well as produce all the necessary social media assets you need to promote your show competently.

This can mean updating your logo and branding, or starting from scratch.

Contact us by e-mail chumchidesigns @ or on either our ChumChi Designs Facebook page or @ChumChi_ twitter page to get affordable designs done right for your next night. 
Milton Jones and Friends - Designed by ChumChi Designs
Strathaven Comedy Festival - Designed by ChumChi Designs
Live at the Armadillo - - Designed by ChumChi Designs
The Stars of Scottish Comedy - Designed by ChumChi Designs
Stand Out Comedy
Lanark Comedy Club - Designed by ChumChi Designs
Comedy Night at the Hilcroft Hotel
Comedy Gala - Designed by ChumChi Designs
The Comedy Grotto - Designed by ChumChi Designs
Topical storm
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