Podcast logo design and podcast artwork are essential for good marketing. With so many podcasts competing for audiences attention, substandard design will not be enough - you need to communicate ideas quickly and with limited space. Make those few pixels count - talk to ChumChi for artwork design that doesn't cost the earth. 
Featured Artwork
There are a number of podcast images that we have created that showcase some of our best design. Can I Just Say? is an unofficial The Apprentice (UK) commentary podcast from the Hat On Dog podcast network.
Their initial design was attempting a homemade style, but they felt it lacked the clarity and professionalism - this is a podcast they take seriously, it just so happens their podcasting style is very personable and low-fi, as if inviting you into their discussion and humour. The finished design updates their original work, adapting the cut and paste style, but re-presenting it in a more deliberate collage that is aesthetically pleasing, while also parodying elements of The Apprentice and its production.

See also Operation Earth.
Can I Just Say? A Podcast About The Apprentice
Operation Earth
It Disney Matter!
Great British Bitch Off
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