Colour is hugely important for any design - it affects the way we read and respond to it. So with the advent of the new "The Independent Group" party I thought it would be interesting to take a quick look at the design and colour choices made, and what that could mean for this political outfit.
Notable of course, we have a not quite black, grey and white. That's fairly striking as an absence of colour; this is not a party that is embracing LGBT (rainbow), or multiculturalism, or even British values (Red, White and Blue) - not to say that these aren't values espoused, but they aren't part of the core messaging.
The font is of similar note. Their website uses Proxima-Nova which is fairly Futurian spirit - a typeface that embraces geometric design, equality and a look towards a spirit of modernity. This particular font is a more contemporary take on this, and enters into a group is the font of choice for commercial interests, and dare I say it, synonymous with globalisation. Uniformity, measured, inoffensive. 

Screengrab from their page

These are all interesting choices that point to a very simple neutralism. This is a group that doesn't seem to have a position, or at least, doesn't want to portray one. It is an absence of design that is at least competent and sleek, forward facing - perhaps awaiting others to bring their own meaning to the project (i.e. you).
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